Say Hello To My Little Bike

Saw this at the local bike shop. Back in my day we just had crappy Huffy bikes with names like “Puddle Jumper” or “Rock Stomper” or “Breaks-Down-A-Lot-Cuz-My-Dad-Assembled-This.” Well out here in Korea, bike manufacturers don’t play around. They know how far a celebrity endorsement can take a product. So what better name to associate a cheap downhill mountain bike than Scarface himself, Al Pacino. It’s marketing synergy at its finest. Think about it: why wouldn’t Pacino want to put his name on this fine product? It’s silver, it’s eco-friendly, it comes equipped with the “Aluminum Frame Full Shock Corex Dream System,” and with gas prices these days people could really use a cheap ride. Plus, if he was willing to star in Gigli (yes, he was in Gigli) then he’s probably willing to put his name on anything.  Anyway,  allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment and proclaim that this is hands down the Godfather of all bike names.


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