The Great Schlep pt. 2

Recently got back from hiking through Jirisan National Park and let’s just say that muscles that I did not previously know I had are now very, very sore. But despite soreness in my hamstrings and what can only be called my “haunches,” I must say that the hike was one of the most enjoyable outdoor excursions I’ve had in while. Now normally I’m a big fan of hiking (which is odd when you consider that my ancestors schlepped around the desert for 40 years – hey Moses, how ’bout buying a freaking map!?) but this time out was fantastic. The air was clean, the temperature was just right, and the scenery was phenomenal. All of it combined to make for a perfect three-day weekend. Click for more pix

Fall is setting in.

Almost there

At the top. Sweetness!

Time Consumers

Right outside our door

On a footbridge

Fire wood


One response to “The Great Schlep pt. 2

  1. Was this schlep also Sarah Silverman inspired?

    You’ve got some nice scenery shots going on here.

    By the way, I just came across your site, and I’ll be back again. We’re a rare breed, you and I – Jews involved in Korea.

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