My First Ever Link Dump

Welcome to my first ever link dump. For those who don’t know what a link dump is, the concept is pretty simple. Basically I just put a bunch of random links together and call it a day. They aren’t really related in any way, save for the fact that I think they are interesting. So, without any further ado, here goes:

The good news: The world is a beautiful place [Pictures]

The bad news: Iceland is about to melt-down. [News]

Grunge may be dead, but Seattle’s music scene is alive and kicking. Here are 64 free mp3s to prove it [Music]

Crisis! What Crisis? Alex Rodriguez uses a $100 bill as a kleenex [Sports]

What is the bail out money really being spent on? The Onion has the the answer [Satire]

The Korean Won is tanking…hard [Korea]


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