Politicians and Cats, Two In the Same

Couldn’t think of anything to write about today, so I’ll just post this link to my new favorite site, Pundit Kitchen. It’s basically Lol Cats except all the cute cats are replaced by grizzled politicians. If you stop and think about it, cats and politicians are pretty much the same. They only really pay you any attention when they want something in return, like votes, or kibbles. They’re both exceptionally clean and well manicured, yet they both leave huge turds all over the place and leave others to clean up their mess. If you stand to close too either one of them you’re liable to come down with a case of fleas. The one difference between the two is that you can snuggle with a cat, but if you try snuggling with a politician you will end up on the cover of a tabloid magazine. But digress. Check it out and waste a few minutes, or if you’re like me, waste your entire morning planning period. Here’s another one just for good measure:

Related Listening: “Under Control” – The Strokes


One response to “Politicians and Cats, Two In the Same

  1. i agree to that, the difference is cat has nine lives….

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