Evolution in Action

For all the Evolution haters out there, chew on this little vid from some Japanese television show (by the way, Japan has the coolest shows ever!). As if there wasn’t enough irrefutable evidence of Darwin’s theory out there already, this video should pretty much seal the deal. Check out how this chimp effortlessly manages to mount and navigate one of those Segway contraptions, you know, the ones that were supposed to revolutionize transportation until everyone realized that it’s impossible to ride a Segway without looking like an idiot. The monkey doesn’t look like he’s enjoying the ride so much as he appears to embracing his chance to finally escape his human handlers. In the monkey’s defense, if someone tried to make you wear overalls, you’d probably try to escape too. Survival of the fittest I guess. Darwin would be proud.

Related Listening: “Monkey Gone To Heaven” – The Pixies


3 responses to “Evolution in Action

  1. That’s パンくん (“Pan-kun“).

    He’s a celebrity because of his weekly appearance on a funny animal TV show.

    He has his own dog named “James”.

    Pan-kun is quite clever. On the episode a couple weeks ago, he helped out at a dolphin show at an amusement park.
    Maybe he doesn’t know he’s an animal, too!

    The episode you have on this post is from last Thursday.
    It was Pan-kun’s 7th birthday.
    The Segway was a present for him.

    Anyways…you live in Korea? How long have you been there?
    By chance, I had Pork-Kimchee for dinner today! Do you like Kimchee?

  2. Haha, yeah, pan-kun. They’ve done some great bits on this show with him when they dressed him up like a Japanese elementary schooler and had him attending classes.

  3. Fun! And good song choice! I’ve recently been listening to a lot of Pixies, and reliving my uni. days. Maybe you could work “Gouge Away” into a post somehow? 🙂

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