Recently got introduced to the music of BoA. Already a well-established pop sensation in Korea, BoA is now setting her sights on the States. She’s been working with some top-flight producers and her new single, “Eat You Up,” is burning up the charts of the iTunes music store, which in this sad state of music purchasing, has now become a pretty good indicator of what’s hot and what’s not.

Now, normally I’m not into Korean music because a) I can’t understand any of it b) it’s either a painfully sappy ballad or c) produced at a tempo upwards of 160 BPMs. This single, however, overcomes all those obstacles. Not only is it in English, but it also has a downright nasty beat to back it up (nasty in the “Janet Jackson” sense of the tern, not the “gross” sense). Sure her English singing abilities are a little choppy, but everyone knows that no one really listens to pop music for the lyrics anyway. That’s like buying Pringles for the nutritional value. Plus her dance moves are crazy good – although one shouldn’t put to much weight into that endorsement considering that my only dancing experience comes when I shared a slow-dance with my mother during my Bar Mitzvah party…but I digress. So here’s to the future stateside success of BoA. I just hope she makes it to the top of the charts before Bank of America sues her and forces her to change her name.

Check out her official website here [best part: her bio says her interests are “conversational Japanese and English.” I wonder what hogwan she went to?]


2 responses to “BoA

  1. Isn’t Bank of America “BofA”? As in

    At least that’s how we referred to it down in southern California.

  2. her pelvic thrusting is top-notch!

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