Can’t really focus on anything right now. For better or worse I’m completely consumed by the upcoming U.S election. Now that the brutal crescendo of campaigning has come to an end, the time to finally make a decision is. So far this election is shaping up to be quite different than any other I have experienced, mostly due to the fact that I’ll be sleeping (hopefully) while the rest of America is voting. Normally I get to watch things unfold as they happen, state by state, county by county, city by city, and if CNN had its way, probably person by person. But that is not the case this year. Instead I’ll be in standby mode, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not often that you can go to bed one night and wake up next with a chance to feel completely different about your country, but after eight years, I’m ready.  After eight years of blunders and incompetence it’s time for a change, and Obama is the man for the job. Here’s to Hope! Now get out there and vote!

Related Listening: “Hold On Hope” – Guided By Voices


2 responses to “Hope

  1. Well Rip Van Winkle, I hope you woke up to the news that America has a new president. For the election night count down your mother and I went to the aptly tiled bar – The War Room on capital hill. Sometime about 8 pm the place went wild. It felt like New Year’s Eve. People – mostly those in their 20s – glued to flat screen TVs counting the electoral college votes as though it was the scoreboard at the super bowl game. The only difference at this main event there was no one rooting for the other team. Oh Victory is so sweet! Wish you were here.

  2. we won! i love him.

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