Heavenly Dishes


Now Serving… A Higher Power.

Was walking down a quiet side street yesterday when I spotted this oddly-named restaurant. It’s called “Oh My God,” as in, “Oh My God,  is that really the name of the restaurant?!” I haven’t eaten here yet, but I’ve heard their fried chicken platter is positively divine, especially since they include a free slice of angel food cake for desert. The one item that’s not on the menu? Deviled eggs. Ok I’ll stop now.

I really think this sign is fascinating, not because the name is outrageous, but because it shows that the English language really does not belong to any one culture or place, but to anyone willing to take a stab at it. It becomes a commodity just like gold or scrap metal. Somewhere in the vast din of pop culture that crossed over to Korea – through music, TV shows, and movies – the phrase was picked up, stripped bare of any meaning whatsoever, and re-purposed and used in a completely new way. In fact, this sign is actually quite layered, because the sound “oh” is actually the Korean sound given to the number five (hence the big yellow five in the sign). So is this sign really just a simple exclamation, or is it telling us that the owners of the restaurant believe in 5 gods? All this linguistic cross-pollination is starting to make my head hurt. I need a snack. Anyone know a good restaurant?

Related Viewing: “Oh My God” – A Tribe Called Quest [be sure to watch for the old-skool Busta Rhymes at the 2:27 mark]


One response to “Heavenly Dishes

  1. “linguistic cross-pollination”…very nice. I’m an English major, i would know 😀

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