Medicine Heads

Hankering for a tummy tuck? How about a triple bypass surgery? No? Maybe a hip-joint replacement is more your speed. If any of these medical procedures are on your to-do list, than why not consider booking a flight to Seoul and getting on the gurney in the Land of the Morning Calm. According to a recent article from the New York Times, South Korea is joining the ranks of Thailand, Singapore, and India in opening its borders to medical tourists searching for cheaper health coverage. By coming to Korea, foreign patients can get procedures done for a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time that it would take in their home countries.

Sally Im, a Korean-American from Honolulu, recently traveled to Wooridul [Spine Hospital] for back surgery. After her husband paid two months’ worth of premiums — about $90 — on their arrival, a portion of Ms. Im’s medical bill was covered by the South Korean government. The couple ended up spending $3,200, rather than the $30,000 that her operation would have cost in the United States, Wooridul said.

Now generally I wouldn’t consider a vacation where the highlight of the trip is back surgery, but hey, you can’t argue with the savings. Read the full article here.


One response to “Medicine Heads

  1. oh wow, that’s some good info. when i need kidney dialysis in fifteen years, i’ll hop on over to korea! set up some contacts for me now, k?

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