Before there were digital cameras, there was the Polaroid. The (almost) instantaneous film burst onto the scene in 1947 and has been adored ever since for its ability to capture moments the way people like to remember them: a little warm and a whole lotta fuzzy. Unfortunately for nostalgia lovers, inevitable growth of digital photography overtook Polaroid, which in February announced that it would no longer produce film for its cameras. That’s where Poladroid comes in. With an interface that couldn’t be simpler, this little app accurately recreates the soft focus and slightly washed out colors that made Polaroid photos such a memorable product. Just drag your digital photo files into the little camera icon, and BOOM. It’s like you’re instantly transported back to the 1970s. Well, almost instantly. In a nice touch of authenticity, Poladroid actually makes you wait a minute or two before you can see the fully developed photo on your screen. That’s ok though. Sometimes the good things in life are worth the wait.

Here are some of my results:


My sister’s dog, Birdie


A man giving the peace sign


Walking to school


Graffiti in restaurant

Related Listening: “Hey Ya” – Outkast


2 responses to “Poladroid

  1. i was so sad when Melinda told me about the polaroid thing a couple months ago. Luckily you’ve saved the day. you should get royalties for all the advertising you do in your lil bloggeroonie…

  2. I found this yesterday too, and did a little experimenting of my own: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shaunline/sets/72157609312854710/

    It’s pretty cool, though now that I’ve got an actual Polaroid camera, I’m trying to buy up film and stick with the real thing for as long as possible.

    Your sample shots look great, by the way.

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