Yesterday’s topic of discussion with my sixth graders revolved around occupations. After going over a few definitions and examples, we got to the part where I asked them what their parents did for a living. Almost all the kids said their fathers were “company men” (whatever that means) and their mothers were housewives. That seems to be the bland standard out here in Seosan. Eventually, a student named Alvin asked me what my parents did for work. I told him my mother is a first grade teacher and my father is a lawyer. Upon hearing this statement Alvin’s face lit up and his eyes grew wide with excitement. “Teecha! Teecha!” he piped loudly through his heavy accent. “When I grow up I want to be a liar too.”

I thought for a moment about correcting him, but then I let it pass. Alvin’s innocent mistake was my guilty pleasure.


3 responses to “Legalese

  1. do they get to watch Jim Carrey imports in korea? cuz that’s definitely in Liar Liar too, but also definitely pretty cute

  2. I attended liar school for 3 years and now 32 years later I have no regrett for my part of helping people out. Need help – Hire a Liar is my motto.

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