Picture Perfect


Some of my favorite sights in Seosan can be found in the shop windows of the many portrait studios that freckle the city here and there. Each one, as if by some national portrait-guild decree, seems to have the following arrangement for their store fronts: neatly framed medium-sized photos of students graduating, couples getting married, and happy families smiling, accompanied by a giant photo of a chubby-cheeked newborn in the most rediculous state of dress possible. The baby photo must be the biggest print size available. Sometimes the baby will be wearing an oversized schoolboy outfit, or a fireman’s suit, or a ballerina dress, or whatever else their parents hope their children might someday become. And other times, like the picture above, it will be wearing giant wings and have a puffy white halo foisted upon its head. Clearly this child’s parents have hopes. An angel?! That’s a lot of pressure to put on a kid. They should have just gone with the costume my parents chose for me when I got my baby photos taken: door-to-door sponge salesman.

Related Listening: “Pictures of Me” – Elliot Smith


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  1. you have exceeded our expectations!

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