Gift Idea


If there’s one item that’s sure to be on a loved one’s holiday wish list this year, it’s the “Kleen Stride” from Professional Debris Removal Systems. Strap yourself in and step your way to a cleaner, more vibrant walkway or patio. As the box says, it’s a great way to build sculpted calves, and also serves as the perfect cleaning alternative for back pain sufferers. Available in rake and plow models as well. If this sounds too good (insane) to be real, that’s because it is. This faux box comes from the creative minds at The Onion, who in addition to creating spot-on fake news stories, also makes some hilarious products as well. Their online store boasts a collection of fake gift boxes, from visor organizers to USB toasters, that will surely test the limits of many a friendship. Check them out here.

P.S. If anyone knows of anyone who has actually used one of these on a friend, I would love to know how that turned out.


One response to “Gift Idea

  1. These are actually a good idea. Where can I get some?

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