“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” Live From Korea

There’s a reason Christmas carolers are get a bad rap: they’re boring and they sing dull songs. Maybe the stiff old crooners back home could take a lesson from these second year girls from Seosan High School. Instead of going door to door, why not plop down your stereo outside a movie theater, pump up a Mariah Carey jam, and just sing along. Throw in some killer choreographed dance moves and you got yourself a winning combination. These girls had their routine down perfectly – they even sang “Feliz Navidad.” I held out for a while, but sadly there was no rendition of “I Had a Little Dreidel” in their repertoire. Maybe next year. If they can learn a song in Spanish, why not a little Hebrew to round things out? Anyway, state-side carolers take note: it’s time to put down your stodgy songbooks and bring the Christmas funk.


One response to ““Santa Claus is Coming to Town” Live From Korea

  1. Yeah I walked past these girls during a different number. I have to say it was pretty awesome.

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