Panda Power

There are a lot of animals at the Beijing Zoo, but the stars of the show would have to be the pandas. Watching them lay about in a bamboo-induced stupor  is downright therapeutic. My travel mates and I managed to catch them right at feeding time, which turned out to be the prime time to catch them. The little guys were covered in a bamboo bonanza from their bulbous heads to their turned-in toes, and where thoroughly enjoying themselves to say the least. It was like a hurricane of cuteness colliding with monsoon of adorabilty wrapped up in a cyclone of whimsy just for good measure. These pandas were probably the cutest animals I’ve ever seen, right up there with the time I found my cat and my dog secretly snuggling in the den. They’re bow-legged rollie-pollies who don’t seem to have a care in the world other than lounging and eating – which was how you could have described me up until the age of 4. If someone told me that pandas pooped gold and magic fairy dust, I would not disagree. If you ever make it Beijing, check out the panda houses at the Beijing Zoo. Best 3 dollars I spent in a long time. More pix…



Permanent Diaper Butt


Can you see him?


No big D. Just nappin’ in a tree.



Related Listening: “Fuzzy” – The Incredible Moses Leroy


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