Beijing In Pictures: The Rest

Ok, so there are so many more pictures to post, but right now I’m just gonna post the last few of my very favorites from the various places I visited on my trip. Peep it:


The Summer Palace in the dead of winter.


Frozen Pagoda at the Summer Palace


A man plays Chinese chess outside the Temple of Heaven.


A man plays a foot juggling game outside the Temple of Heaven


The Temple of Heaven, where ancient emperors prayed for bountiful harvests


Two statues on Wangfeushen, aka Walking Street


Rating toilets sounds like a crap job.


A building at the Ming Tombs

Ok, that’s all for now I guess. If you’re interested, I posted some more pics on my Flickr page, and you can check them out here. Lemme know what you think. My future posts will now return to making sarcastic observations about living in Korea, with the occasional LOL Cat picture tossed in there for good measure.


One response to “Beijing In Pictures: The Rest

  1. Hey Eli ! I was checking out your photos from china… some really cool shots !!! Nice work! Hope you doing good! Andre Lauz

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