The Lonliest Island

Tristan de Cuhna: an island in the sun, and little else

Sometimes I feel like I’m out in the middle of nowhere out here in Seosan. With no family to ground you and very little English to go around, this place can sometimes feel like a whole different planet. So yes, from time to time I do get a little lonely here in South Korea, but probably never as lonely as the people on Tristan de Cuhna, the world’s most remote inhabited island.

With a population of 270, this little island smack dab in the middle of the southern Atlantic Ocean is so small it doesn’t show up on most maps, and it’s so remote that the next closest landmass is 2430 kilometers (1,510 miles) away. That’s the same distance between Chicago and Cuba. In other words: it’s quiet out there. One more thing – the place is also one big active active volcano.

The island now boasts a convenience store, a radio station (broadcasting the World Service four days a week), a cafe, a video shop and a swimming pool. Tristan is now connected to the world by one telephone and a fax machine in the Administrator’s office, and is visited once a year by the only mail ship in the world, the RMS St. Helena. This ship brings not only mail, but canned food, videos, books and magazines, medical items, and the occasional visitor.

Woah, a fax machine?! They’re really coming up in the world. What’s next, an overhead projector? This place sounds like the perfect spot to escape to if you like yourself some good ol’ peace and quiet, or if you’re a fraudulant financial advisor looking to hold up in after trying to fake your own death. Either way, Tristan de Cuhna makes Seosan look practically metropolitan.

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2 responses to “The Lonliest Island

  1. That Island reminds me of Lost… what with the canned goods, the ship, the medical supplies…. maybe the inhabitants are really just a whole gang of “others”?!

    Or perhaps I am just a little too anxious for next week’s premier….

  2. You should read the book “The Sex Lives of Cannibals” or its sequal “Getting Stoned with Savages.” They are basically travel logs from a guy who moves from Washington DC to Kiribati in the South Pacific. Hilarious read…but way more importantly my excitement for Lost is welling up inside me everyday and forgot what it was like to wait for something each week with such anticipation!

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