Fashion Mis-statements



Sometimes when I’m bored out here in Seosan I like to go on walks and try to find stores with poorly-worded signage. Hey, you have your hobbies, I have mine. With so many small shops lining the tiny little streets and back alleys, there’s guaranteed to be something absolutely crazy to spot. It’s kind of like bird watching, except without all the finches and high powered binoculars. Some days you come up empty handed, and some days you come home with two signs that seem to urge shoppers to commit unspeakable acts of violence upon the youths of the city. The best part about these killer duds is that kids at my school find these brands quite fashionable (or at least the mothers who dress them do). I always find it funny to see them sport the clothes completely oblivious to the unintended homicidal undertones of the logos splashed across their shirts and jackets. I suppose when it comes to fashion, ignorance truly is bliss.

Related Listening: “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” – Vampire Weekend (GREAT SONG!!!)


2 responses to “Fashion Mis-statements

  1. you just gotta submit those to

  2. i couldn’t even notice the meaning of the 2nd pic. it took me a while, actually. kind of fun when it comes with a new aspect. but seeing like this, the 1st one is completely horrible. thank god, it was bliss really. lol

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