The Boss


Above is a picture from my recent trip to Tokyo. I don’t know why I didn’t post this picture earlier, because  quite frankly it is the most bad-ass advertisement I have ever seen. It is literally just a picture of Tommy Lee Jones’s leathered, weathered face with the word “BOSS” plastered next to it, and then some rainbow colored coffee cans. AWESOME! These vending machines with Jones’s catchers-mitt-like visage on it were all over the place, practically challenging passersby not to step up and buy a semi-cold canned beverage. How his mug relates to selling cola and coffee products and is beyond me, but it worked. I bought like 10 cans of Pepsi, and I don’t even drink soda! If someone could please turn this logo into a T-shirt so I could wear it around town, I would be forever thankful.

Update!!! I just discovered that TLJ has done a series of TV spots for Japanese television, so basically he is the real life version of Bill Murray’s character in Lost in Translation. I have no idea what is being said in these commercials, but they’re almost better that way. If anyone can translate let me know.

update 2: apparently he did an entire series of commercials with about 20 or so installments. The campaign revolves around him being some sort of alien who’s come to earth to study the human way of life. I’m not certain on the story line, but it sounds like it’s just the exact opposite of his role in Men In Black. That TJL, so versatile!


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