The Onion does North Korea

Here’s a video from The Onion News Network, the video branch of the The Onion newspaper which is giving the Daily Show a run for its money as the leader in “Fake News” (why is it that fake news is often better and more accurate than the real news”?). This spot has to do with North Korea’s batshit-crazy dictator Kim Jong-Il and a plot to bring the moon to the people of his starving nation. Sure it may seem a little out there, but honestly, I’m pretty sure that Kim Jong-Il is probably planning something exactly like this as we speak.

*Side Note: See if you can spot the glaring innacurracy towards the beginning of the video.

Bonus: Here is  latest clip from the ONN (as the kids are calling it). It too is fantastic, but be warned, the language is definitely NSFW.

And one more just for good measure. All I gotta say is “hot, steamy food in your face right now.”


One response to “The Onion does North Korea

  1. is this inaccuracy something that would only be glaring to someone who’s lived in s. korea for 12 months?! or is it that there aren’t 9 billion people on the planet? now i wanna know!

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