Ice Cream on the Cob


Just in time for summer, Lovelee Confections introduces a new product that’s guaranteed to send your taste buds into a tizzy: Natural Corn Ice Cream. Finally!! With the heartiness of freshly-husked corn and the creamy goodness of ice cream, this new flavor sensation is two great flavors packed onto one delicious stick. It’s so good, you won’t know whether to throw this thing on the barbecue or into the freezer. Pick one up at your local Family Mart while they’re hot…or should I say, cold.

Seriously, I tried one of these things out of curiousity and I wanted to die. Avoid this at all costs.


One response to “Ice Cream on the Cob

  1. what!? i love corn on the cob. i hate ice cream though. martha stewart had a thing on sweet corn ice cream the other day or something, so this isn’t some kind of korea-original…oh well

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