Happy Mirror is Happy


Graffiti may be a popular form of expression in urban areas throughout the world, but here in tiny ol’ Seosan, it’s practically unheard of. Walking around the city streets and through the back alleys and you’d be hard pressed to find a tag or marking on any of the walls – as if spray cans and Sharpie markers have been banished from this section of Korea. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see this little face scrawled into a traffic mirror at an apartment complex near my work. It’s so happy you’d almost feel bad scrubbing it away. So remember, if you are going to vandalize something, make sure you do it with a smile.


2 responses to “Happy Mirror is Happy

  1. My only act of graffiti took place in Halifax, Canada. There was a small clinic advertisng for doctors and the sign said “NEW DOCTORS WANTED”, with a bit of obvious space between “new and doctors”. I happened to have a black marker so I changed it to “NEWD DOCTORS WANTED”. It was funny because it stayed there for about 6 months.

    My Mom was mad but I thought it was hilarious. ^^;

  2. aw it’s like it has a little traffic-directing engineer hat cute thing. only in asia..

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