We Don’t Need No Education(al supplies)


All apologies for the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been a little bit under the weather and when you’re sick, they say the blogging is the first thing to go. Anyways, I’m feeling much better now so to get back into the swing of things here’s a little picture I snapped of one of Seosan’s many random collections of junk seem to crop up throughout the city streets. On one corner you’ll see nothing but plastic bottles, on another, it’s scrap metal, and on another it’s just heaps of old car parts. Everywhere you turn it’s a new crappy surprise. It’s like the exact opposite of treasure hunting. The particular corner above seems to specialize in collecting discarded classroom supplies like desks and chairs, many of which looked perfectly usable. It’s not really that interesting of a story, I just thought it looked kinda cool, like an installment you might stumble upon at Burning Man or something. It also, in a more abstract way, depicts my frustrations with teaching within a hogwan system, which I sometimes think would be better off scrapped.

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