End of an Era

Today brings sad sad news for the state of journalism – as if it needed any more – as the Seattle Post Intelligencer has officially shuttered its print edition to become a solely online entity. It is the largest paper in the United States to make such a transition.

As a kid I remember reading the P.I’s sports section with my dad, and fighting over the comic section with my sisters, who only got to after my mom had thoroughly dismantled the crossword puzzle. In high school I remember clipping pages from it to use for research projects and social study reports. As a journalism major at the University of Washington, I remember meeting many writers and editors who worked for the Seattle P.I. who were both passionate about their work and hopeful for the future of newspapers. I remember feeling intimidated by their writing ability and their vision, and also inspired by it.

As a teacher in Korea, I read the online version whenever I feel like I need a dose of home, something no print version could ever do anyways.

While this is no doubt a loss for Seattlelites and anyone who values sound journalism, I believe that solid writing and strong reporting can make an impact no matter how it comes across, be it in print, or floating around somewhere on the Internet. If it’s meaningful, relevant and well reported, people will find it, and people will find the P.I.

The P.I.’s Official Website

Also, check out this profile via the New York Times.


One response to “End of an Era

  1. We have been reading the P-I since we moved to Seattle 28 years ago. From time to time we have tried the times but always went back to the P-I. It was definitely sad to read today’s final edition. I must savor the comics and the puzzles for alas, they are no more. I will miss the P-I dearly.

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