This is Awesome

I must have watched this magnificent short about seven times by now. It’s called “The Lost Tribes of New York” and it’s by Andy and Carolyn London. They took interviews from random New Yorkers and set their voices to inanimate objects. The outcome is straight whimsical. My favorites are the two news stand dudes.


3 responses to “This is Awesome

  1. That *is* awesome. I teach a pronunciation and listening class every morning and my students are really fixated on replicating “American pronunciation” but what they mean by “American” is: white, North/Eastern and relatively accent-less – which is actually not the norm.

    I think I’ll play this video for them! Thanks!~

  2. I like that a lot. I especially like the phone booth character. I think he’s Thai, but I’m not sure. Just goes to show you , eh?

  3. I grew up in NYC and I swear I heard the subway train talk as it squealed loaded with its passengers into the dark, dingy station. It said something like this – eek, how the fuck did all these people get on this train. And, then of course, the voices of the garbage truck at 6 am forced to smell and touch all the crap dog and men left behind. No way I was gong back to sleep with their hollering for me to call 911!

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