Folk Village Pics


Here are some more pictures from my recent trip to the Korean Folk Village located in Suwon. It was a pretty enjoyable day-trip with a lot of interesting performances and cultural exhibits as well as some oddball “only-in-Korea” kinda stuff. If you’re in Korea and you’re looking for a leisurely way to spend an afternoon, head on down. You might actually learn something while you’re at it. There’s more information at the official site.


This guy could slack line like nobody’s business, plus, being a consummate showman, he did it in his Ronald McDonald pajamas for added effect.


I think working as a historical character at a tourist attraction would have to be one of the most surreal jobs a person could have. All day you pretend that you’re living as someone from the centuries old Chosun dynasty, and then when your shift is over, you walk into the parking lot, get into your minivan, and wind your way through traffic in one of the biggest, most modern cities in the world. That would totally mess with my head.


Corn on a wire


These girls were getting some serious air off the ancient see-saw. I tried this once way back in my elementary school days and, well, let’s just say that my friend’s collar bone has never been the same.


“Could someone please turn on the gravity machine?”


To be fair, this guy lost his dental coverage after he was laid off at the circus.


If you look closely on the right hand side, you will see that there is now a receptacle where you can discard your annoying family pet. Meanwhile, the left hand side is reserved for people throwing away normal garbage, and also for people who have given up on juggling.


This is an accident waiting to happen, but a pretty decent photo opportunity nonetheless.


After touring the Folk Village, we went to the amusement park that was located on the other side of the park. However, the word “amusement” should be used lightly. A better choice would have been “the place where fun goes to die.” All the rides were empty, there were only a handful of people on the grounds (most of whom looked lost), and the employees, who were forced to wear red cowboy hats, all looked as if they were contemplating taking their own lives to end the sheer boredom of their jobs. Also, whoever thought animitronic animals were cool should be put in jail. They are scary and they haunt my dreams.

On the bright side, there was this cute bunny who smushed himself against his cage:


I named him Cubez.


2 responses to “Folk Village Pics

  1. you can teach those kinds of bunnies to use litter boxes and do tricks and cuddle…

  2. Omgosh, is that your bunny?!

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