Korean Culinary Mishap: Mother’s Finger


As a kid there was nothing I liked better after a long hard day at school than sitting down at the kitchen counter and chompin’ down on a Mother’s Finger. So good. They are kind of like Butterfingers, except more cannabalistic. Seriously, does this make any sense at all?


2 responses to “Korean Culinary Mishap: Mother’s Finger

  1. Doesn’t make sense, but sure is evocative of home

  2. “Uhma Sohn” (엄마손) or “Mother’s hand(s)” is a popular way of expressing maternal care and love here – just as it is in other countries too. I guess “Mother’s Fingers” is just a take on that theme?

    But are they good? My wee one was bawling for them the other daybut I was a little weirded out by the name and didn’t buy. 🙂

    Are you really leaving Korea, btw – and will you keep up with the blogging??

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