Korea Update

Some of you dedicated readers out there (read: Mom and Dad) may have noticed that I’ve been a little lax in the blogging department as of late. Well fear not. It’s not that my interest or affection for life in Korea has waned, it’s just that I’ve only got 12 days left here in the Land of the Morning Calm, and I’m doing my damnedest to enjoy every last minute of it. In between running errands and tying up various loose ends, I’ve also been trying to spend as much time with my friends out here as possible. That means lots of day trips, darts games, and trips to the Galbi Tent a.k.a the most glorious place on the planet to stuff your pie-hole.

I’ve also been hitting the gym and running a bit more in preparation for my upcoming bike ride which I’m super stoked about. I fully intend on blogging the trip as much as I can (because it’s probably going to kick unparalleled amounts of ass) but seeing as I won’t have a computer or an internet connection readily available, I probably won’t be able to update as frequently or as in depth as I would like. That being said,  I plan to branch out a bit into the interweb and use my high-fallutin’ Twitter account to post short updates whenever possible (note: I signed up before Oprah). If you’re interested, you can follow along for the ride at SinkorSchwim. Yes, social networking sites are slowly taking over my life, but I’m doing it all for the fans (again, read: Mom and Dad).

Anyway, I still think I have a few good Korea posts left in me. Even after 13 months there is still no shortage of things to write about, only a shortage on time. So keep your eyes peeled and make sure you stay tuned for the next adventure.

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Gob would be proud.


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