My Attempt at “Political Science”

My high school English teacher once told me that what makes something “a classic” is its ability to remain relevant across generations. This might explain why Randy Newman’s “Sail Away” album, first released in 1972, is currently in heavy rotation on my iPod. If you haven’t heard this album you should definitely track it down and give it a listen. The songs are more akin to short stories than actual sing-a-longs. There are tracks about dancing bears, drinking tea in Dayton, Ohio, and one about a river in Cleveland. My favorite track of the bunch is “Political Science,” a song about American foreign policy, which despite being written nearly 40 years ago, is still lyrically relevant in today’s political climate. Musical fads may come and go (auto-tune and rap-metal anyone?) but good song writing never goes out of style.

Above is my rough rendition of the song played on guitar, and accompanied by my mechanical waving cat. It’s a little different than the original, but it’s fun to play so I thought I’d share it on the intertubes. Check it out and lemme know what you think.


3 responses to “My Attempt at “Political Science”

  1. loved it! It was good to hear your voice again:)

  2. Just like an album spinning on a turntable, what goes around cmes around. And so too your rendition of Randy Newman’s musci rekindles my fond memory of his wit, poetry, and song. I still have one or two his vinyl recordsings. The “lets drop the big one” cut was one of my favorites. Whenever I hear it, I recall walking to school to my sixth grade class wondering whether the Russian ships, filled with nuclear bombs headed for Cuba, would cause Kennedy to drop the bomb on Russia to make them stop. The world would end. But, I’d have a great excuse for being late!

  3. i miss your terrible singing!! this wasn’t terrible though, it was great! can’t wait til you get back to the states, have fun biking!

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