Euro Tour Update

Someone else´s picture of the Santiago de Compestela

Hello all.

I´m writing this from the city of Santiago de Compostela, a super old cathedral town located in the Northwest corner of Spain. I´m sitting in the basement of a huge church nearby called the Senor Menor (I think), a place where hundreds of religious pilgrims come to rest overnight while they visit the Santiago De Compostela. It´s kind of like the YMCA, but 8000 times less sketchy. While I am not a religous pilgrim, I do enjoy a good value, and at 10 Euro a night for beds, showers, laundry, and internet, it´s pretty hard to beat. It´s rainy today, but that´s ok because we´ve scheduled in a rest day to take in the sights and sounds of this incredibly historic city. 
The trip building up to this point has been going very well.After we got our bearings and made it out of the airport section of town, we started heading up north from Porto, Portugal following the coast on the N-19 highway.  I´ve been biking my ass off ever since (literally, I can´t feel a thing down there).

We´ve been putting in an average of about 90 km a day (approx. 56 miles) and yesterday afternoon we passed through Valenca and crossed into Spain. The scenery is absolutely stunning, especially when we rolled into a town called Rodondelo. This place is basically like living inside of a postcard. Waiting for us there was a a pictuaresque street fair with music and dancing and amazing food as well. Unfortunately the camp site was closed yesterday so we had to improvise. We ended up finding a patch of grass behind a hotel so we set up our camp there and used the hotel´s bathroom facilities on the sly.  Actually turned out to be quite nice.
Today was probably the hardest day yet of cycling. The road leading into Santiago, though well paved, is extremely hilly. We had several long climbs today over the course of a 100 km day (just over 62 miles) and now my legs feel a little like pudding. Despite the exhaustion, I´m having a great time. It literally feels like I can´t open my eyes wide enough for them to absorb all the sights we take in on our two-wheeled journey.

Anyway, more posts coming soon. Stay tuned.


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