Euro Bike Trip: The End


I’ve been recapping this trip for a while now, and I’m starting to get a little restless to move on to other topics. That being said, I’m just gonna go for it and throw a whole bunch of pictures I took on the last leg of the tour, the section from Sete, France to Milan, Italy. If the above picture is any indication, this portion of the ride was by far the most beautiful of the entire trip, and that’s saying something considering the other amazing places we went through. Blue water, clear skies, and smooth roads: a perfect end to a perfect trip.


Cruising up a coastal road.


Looks nice, don’t it?


A small harbor in St. Raphael


Somewhere in Nice, France


Possible marketing slogan: “The French Riviera: where rich people with more money than you can ever imagine go to play with their boats.” Somehow I don’t think that will catch on, but it’s true.


The nicest house I have ever seen.


Made it to Italy! The last country on the tour.


Sky meets water


We got caught in a bit of a no-mans-land and had to improvise our campsite. We ended sleeping in a municipal park in some tiny town on the Northern coast of Italy. If I recall, I slept like a baby that night. Yay for free camping!


A few days later we got lost just outside of Milan. After finding us outside a local library looking confused and dismayed, Angel (far left) and his son Andre invited us to sleep in their backyard. They also fed us and let us use their shower.


The kindness of complete strangers never ceases to amaze me.


Finally made it to Milan. That’s the world famous Duomo Cathedral in the background.


There were lots of people getting their pictures taken while surrounded by pigeons. This is something I will never understand. Is it cool because they have wings? I dunno. It’s basically like getting photographed while being covered with flying rats.


The Duomo up close.


They don’t make doors like they used to.


Duomo Door Detail


Stained glass on the inside of the Duomo.


Inside the nearby shopping arcade. The stores in this place had two prices: expensive and unreasonably expensive.


My bike on the last day of riding in Milan. I treated her like hell for over 2,000 miles, but she never let me down.


The end. Thanks for reading and following along. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. It was a hell of a ride and one that will truly be impossible to forget. I think everyone should have an adventure in their life that they can hold on to and cherish forever, where they can look back 15 or 30 years later and the memories will still be fresh and vivid. This bike trip will certainly count as one of those experiences. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to travel with, and I can’t wait until we meet up for the next one, wherever that place may be.


3 responses to “Euro Bike Trip: The End

  1. Love the pictures! Glad you did it and documented it.

  2. that’s pretty good, man

  3. I was there near Villefranche last week… Great photo! One of the best I ave seen 😉

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