Back in Business: Mount Rainier Hike


Ok, so I’ve been a little lax on the blog updates lately, but these long, hot August days have really sapped my ambition to write anything new, not to mention bathe at regular intervals. Anyway, I finally got around to doing something that actually merits a post. Yesterday I took my friend Faye, who is Korean and studying in the United States, on a hike in Mt. Rainier National Park. My friend Katherine, a hiking aficionado, joined along. After gathering up our snacks and putting gas in the car, we were ready to go. I took advantage of the 2-hour car ride to teach Faye some new swear words and also deconstruct the differences between the phrases “kicks ass” and “kick your ass” (the meaning is in the details).

After driving through some heavy clouds and a few foreboding rain showers, the three of us made it to our destination: The Naches Peak Trail Loop, a 3.5 mile circuit filled with pristine meadows, shimmering lakes, and spectacular mountain views. We were fortunate that the rainy weather subsided and gave way to sunshine and a light breeze, perfect conditions for a Saturday hike. Take a look:





Dewey Lake


Katherine is an expert berry picker. She filled up an entire Nalgene water bottle with wild blueberries.


Wild blueberries are smaller than the regular variety you find in grocery stores. They also have a pear-like taste to them. If you ever hike this trail, make sure to give these a try. They are amazing!


The Sound of Music?


I really wanted to frolic in this meadow, but unfortunately there were several signs strictly prohibiting such actions.


It was a little cloudy on our visit, but they managed to break just enough to give us a glimpse of the peak.

I don’t go on many hikes (mainly because it requires that I put on pants) but the Naches Peak Trail Loop is definitely a must-do. It’s overwhelming scenic, easy and short enough for all ages to partake, yet very rewarding when you get to see a majestic Mt. Rainier waiting for you at the end of the trail. Plus, there are wild blueberries to eat along the way! Hooray for blueberries!!!

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3 responses to “Back in Business: Mount Rainier Hike

  1. katherine took me on that hike last october, it’s a good’un. looks better when it’s not covered with snow and slush, though.

  2. The largest fruit crop production (for exports) in Canada comes from blueberries. FYI.

    Lovely pics.

    Love the Fleet Foxes …

  3. Eli–that’s definitely one of my favorite hikes at Rainier! Wishing for some of that color right now as I sit 17 floors up barely able to see the beige buildings around me through the late afternoon October fog. Lame.

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