New Lens, New Looks

My birthday rolled around yesterday, and along with it came my newest piece of camera equipment, the Sony DY 50mm f/1.8 lens. I haven’t played around with it that much, but so far I’ve been very impressed with the results. The pictures are sharp and clear, and the backgrounds tend to be fuzzy and warm. It’s perfect for portraits, candids, and street photography. The lens has a fixed focal length, so you have to rely on your feet if you intend on zooming in or out. It’s very lightweight and fast and easy to shoot with. So far the only difficulty I’ve had is getting used to its sensitive focus adjustment. Here are the some results from my first test shots. Lemme know what you think.







One response to “New Lens, New Looks

  1. Nice shots. The 50mm prime is one of my favorite lenses for portrait work.

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