Street Shots


To say that I’ve been mildly obsessed with my new 50mm prime lens lately would be a gross understatement. I seriously can not stop taking pictures with this thing. I just took it to the Oregon coast (pictures coming soon) and I don’t think my camera left my shoulder the entire time. Now that I’m back in Seattle and have a better feel for how it works, I’ve been really getting into street photography and street portraits. Really the hardest part about this discipline is getting comfortable approaching people and not being afraid to take a picture, even if it might make you or someone else a little uncomfortable. Today I went around the University District and walked up and down the Ave for about 20 minutes just snapping away and asking the occasional stranger if I could take their picture. Most people said yes, and the few people who said no mentioned that they weren’t allowed to be photographed while working or in work clothes.  The guy above was the first person I asked and not only did he agree to be photographed, he also struck a really natural and relaxed pose, as if he gets asked for his photo all the time (or maybe people who wear sweatpants in public just know a thing or two about how to live a life of leisure). Next time I will bring a little notebook so I can remember the names of the people I shoot. Anyway, here are few more. Lemme know what you think.







3 responses to “Street Shots

  1. Really great shots! Love the black and white.

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