The Oregon Coast


Cape Meares, OR

My girlfriend and I went down to the Oregon Coast last week for a few days of camping and sightseeing. The weather was exceptional and the salt-water taffy was abundant (why is it that the only time I eat the stuff is when I’m in Oregon?). While there we had a chance to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory, aka Cheese Mecca. This was a place I had always wanted to visit because I consume vast, sometimes unhealthy amounts of their product and thought it was only right to see how the stuff gets made. Besides that, we spent our time driving up and down beautiful Highway 101, stopping here and there in the tiny little cities that dot the coast. Here are some pics:


Only good things come out of that factory.


The free cheese samples were glowing, as if they had descended from some sort of cheese heaven.


This girl gave us two of the biggest scoops of ice cream ever.


A sign on a candy store’s door in Cannon Beach, OR.


This guy was working the taffy machine and stopped to pose for a picture


Sunset on Cape Lookout, OR.


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