Babushka Acquisition


I had some time to kill in between classes today so I went to the Value Village on Capitol Hill to see what I could see. After browsing aisles full of discarded softball jerseys and t-shirts celebrating various corporate team-building exercises from years gone by, I came across the “Collectibles” section of the store. It was here, tucked away alongside a plastic garden gnome, a glass seahorse figurine, and many other random tchotchkes, that I found the sweet Babushka doll pictured above. Why this babushka doll was made I have no idea, but that didn’t stop me from buying it (and at $2.99 how could I afford not to?). The five separate dolls commemorate the past five US presidents, and then, for no reason that I can ascertain, Vladimir Putin, the current prime minister of Russia. I especially like the hapless expression on George W’s face, and it makes sense that someone would put his mug on a traditional Russian doll. After all, you can’t spell Babushka without Bush.


One response to “Babushka Acquisition

  1. Hi, can I suggest a little correction here? The doll is called “matreshka” and not a “babushka doll”. I’m from Russia, so I know for sure 🙂 But I loved your remark about how “you can’t spell Babushka without Bush”! lol

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