Happy Hydrant


I was riding the bus the other day, and thanks to some good tunes coming through on the RJD2 Pandora station, I zoned out and wound up missing my regular stop. I got off a few blocks later, just as a torrential downpour settled in overhead, drenching me with rain. In a huff, I turned to walk back to my house when what should I see out the corner of my but this googly-eyed fire hydrant standing happily in a nearby bush. I felt a lot better seeing that yellow face staring back at me, his metal arms stretched out in an eternal hugging position. I thought about my day, and then I thought about his. If he could keep a smile through the cold and wind and the constant stream of neighborhood dogs marking their territory on him, then I could certainly endure a few extra blocks in the rain.


One response to “Happy Hydrant

  1. That’s funny. Look how many bushes are growing strong around the hydrant – don’t see that often.

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