One Drink, Two Cups


Double cupping is my newest pet peeve. Why are two cups doing a job that is normally reserved for one? Have these cups unionized? There has got to be a better way to guard against the terror of hot liquids than by wasting a perfectly good cup for a couple of minutes of heat protection. I tried to give the protective cup back to barista, but she said she couldn’t reuse it due to health concerns. Science has provided answers to some of mankind’s most pressing problems, surely it could spend a little time figuring out how to make a more insulated paper cup. For now, I’m toughing it out and requesting one cup, and I’ve got the scorched palms to prove it!


3 responses to “One Drink, Two Cups

  1. your title for this one makes me feel unclean…

  2. Maybe Tully’s should invest in some java jackets

  3. I totally agree Eli! I work at SBUX and we have to double cup short drinks that are “extra hot” or if they have hot water in them. But customers often ask for double cups because they think it makes it stay hotter longer. Everyone should invest in reusable cups, or at least reusable sleeves.

    But it’s totally a huge pet peeve of mine too.

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