Fur Guards

Like many soccer fans these days, I have a bad case of World Cup Fever. I can’t get enough of the goals and the yellow cards and the flopping and the vuvuzelas (ok, I can definitely get enough of them). So when a friend invited me to play on his co-rec team recently, I quickly said yes. Before I could play though, he said the league required shin guards. Having none and not wanting to pay for something I would never use again, I did what any reasonable person would do and tried to make my own. I did a quick internet search for some tips on making my own, but if the above photo is any indication, I came up a bit empty handed. It would have worked, except I only have two female hamsters. Oh, Yahoo Answers, don’t you ever change.

(On a side note, I found that if you take the foam insole out of an old shoe and fold it in half, it makes the perfect sized shin guard. Play On!)


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