On The Spot #1

I spent an afternoon at Gasworks Park asking random strangers a simple question and filming their on the spot answers. I hope to do more shorts like this in the future, but with different questions and different locations. If you have any ideas for cool places to film or interesting questions ask, let me know. Special thanks to everyone who stopped and talked with me that day. Projects like this are a great reminder of how kind and open strangers can be, and how much they are willing to share if you are willing to ask.


5 responses to “On The Spot #1

  1. i would NEVER talk to some weirdo with a camera in a Seattle park.

  2. also, i know the guy who said “what about the first time you had sex?” yikes. actually this is a wonderful video, good job bro.

  3. The video affirms (all so well) what we all know: most everyone loves their 15 seconds of fame!

  4. This was so simple, but well-done, and got me all choked up. Loved it.

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