Photo of the Day: Run Ruby Run

7.14.10. Shoreline, WA

Above is a shot of my dog Ruby doing what she does best: chasing after tennis balls like they’re going out of style. To be more precise, this is actually it’s four shots in one. I took this using a new program called Fotomecha, a powerful “multi-lens simulator” which can produce a variety of interesting photo sequences. Basically, the app allows the user take a series of shots at even time intervals and then assembles the photos vertically or horizontally, depending on orientation of the camera. Fotomecha can also make GIFs and other photo-collages, not to mention shoot in a variety of different color settings. Definitely a bargain at $0.99.



2 responses to “Photo of the Day: Run Ruby Run

  1. Hi!
    I randomly came across your website as I googled for a picture of kimbap. My friend just moved to Korea and I was trying to send him a picture of what to look for 🙂

    Anyway, I clicked on your picture and found your blog. I’m still going through your old archives, but I had to let you know that your stuff is really good. And by “stuff”, I mean your photographs, posts, videos you choose to post, etc. It’s keeping me entertained and off of facebook while I’m on the computer (which is not an easy feat, mind you)! I also really like your “Photo a Day” you’ve done. If you don’t mind, I think I’m gonna use your idea for my facebook page.

    Hope to keep seeing your posts!
    Best from Japan,
    Angela (the kimbap-eating Korean)

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