New Project: Everyday Picture

Hi all. Just wanted to let the readers of this site (yes, all 6 of you) know about a new endeavor of mine. It’s called Everyday Picture. The goal? To take one picture every day, for 365 days. I’ve got about two weeks in the can and I’m really enjoying the challenge. The practice has forced me to look for pictures, patterns, and light in places I would normally pass over. I guess in that regard this project is less about photography and more about the art of “seeing.” So far all the shots have been taken and edited with my iPhone 3Gs, though I might branch out to other cameras in the future. I’m hosting the site on Tumblr because I find it’s much easier to upload and manage the site from my phone, not to mention the layouts look way cooler. So, feel free to check it out, add me as a friend, and let the good times (and the camera) roll. Also, if you like a picture or have any suggestions for shots, please let me know. Here’s today’s pic:

Guitar Light

Everyday Picture.


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