New Vid! “Resettlement Stories”

Hot off the presses (or at least Final Cut)! Check out this video I made for the good people at the Refugee Resettlement Office. This is the first of a series of videos that will highlight and promote the people and the services that make the RRO such a wonderful resource to immigrants, asylees, and refugees who are relocating to the Seattle area. The first video features Wafa, an Egyptian refugee who received a micro-loan from RRO that helped him open his restaurant.  Stay tuned, as we are scheduled to start shooting future installments for this project shortly.


One response to “New Vid! “Resettlement Stories”

  1. I stumbled on your site while doing a search for Chicken Syndrome, my favorite (and not only for the name) chain in Korea. I couldn’t help but admire the many other interesting and beautiful posts and photos here. Great video! This is a good counter to the growing anti-immigrant sentiment in the US. You said a lot in just over three minutes.

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