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Jury Doody

Today was my first day on jury duty, and if the picture above is any indication, it was quite the rush. The jury selection process takes all the excitement of watching paint dry and fuses it with the high-octane experience of waiting in line at the DMV. It’s like the Olympics of waiting around and doing nothing. Actually, once I got past the four and half hours of waiting around and actually got into the jury selection room, I found the process quite interesting. The attorneys were surprisingly casual as they asked their questions, and my fellow jurors were pretty open about sharing past experiences. A couple people even cracked a few jokes that caused everyone in the room to laugh, that is everyone except the defendant of course, who remained deadly serious the entire time and failed to see the humor in anything that was said. I don’t blame him. It must be pretty nerve-wracking to face down a room of people who will eventually decide your fate. After about an hour of questioning I was eventually let go for the day. Unfortunately I was not picked to be a juror, but tomorrow I get another shot as process starts all over again bright and early at 8am. I can hardly wait.


Cowboy Traffic Control

Here’s a plain spoken road sign from somewhere in Colorado politely reminding people to watch their speed. How awesome is that?! [via.]