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Shout Out: Mind Series & Spoke Your Mind

Two friends of mine recently launched their own non-profit called Mind Series, a program which “aims aims to promote public health through art and compel communities to act.” Their first project under the Mind Series banner is “Spoke Your Mind,” a cross-country bike tour (pedal power!) which shines a spotlight on the challanges and difficulties of children who’s parents suffer from young onset dementia. Through words, photos and videos, Emily Boardway and Max Larkin have put together quite an impressive project. I’m really excited to see where it goes and also very jealous that they get to cycle throughout the US. If you know anyone who might be willing to host them on their tour, let them know by clicking here. More information can be found at


This is Awesome

I must have watched this magnificent short about seven times by now. It’s called “The Lost Tribes of New York” and it’s by Andy and Carolyn London. They took interviews from random New Yorkers and set their voices to inanimate objects. The outcome is straight whimsical. My favorites are the two news stand dudes.

North Korea is Terrifying/Hilarious has a nice rundown on why North Korea is the Funniest Evil Dictatorship ever. Did you know they have a website…and a fan club? Come on North Korea, you’re not gonna be scaring anyone with that (though the nuclear arms arsenal you’re stockpiling might do the trick). Here’s what the article says about their comically awful attempt at building a world-class hotel:

Unfortunately, like most virgins of things, North Korea went in only with knowledge they’d seen on TV, had to stop before the project was even close to finished and now just pretends it never happened. Breaking ground in 1987, the Ryugyong Hotel, at one point, would have been the tallest hotel in the world. There were going to be seven revolving restaurants at the top. Considering the quality of construction of the project, it seemed inevitable that at least one of them would go spinning off into the horizon like a Frisbee.

The North Koreans even put it on a postage stamp before it was finished. This made it even more uncomfortable when construction shut down in 1992, thought to be because the dissolved Soviet Union was no longer funding the project and huge errors in construction made it unsafe to stand within 10 blocks of the thing.

Give it a read and let the head scratching begin.

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The Onion does North Korea

Here’s a video from The Onion News Network, the video branch of the The Onion newspaper which is giving the Daily Show a run for its money as the leader in “Fake News” (why is it that fake news is often better and more accurate than the real news”?). This spot has to do with North Korea’s batshit-crazy dictator Kim Jong-Il and a plot to bring the moon to the people of his starving nation. Sure it may seem a little out there, but honestly, I’m pretty sure that Kim Jong-Il is probably planning something exactly like this as we speak.

*Side Note: See if you can spot the glaring innacurracy towards the beginning of the video.

Bonus: Here is  latest clip from the ONN (as the kids are calling it). It too is fantastic, but be warned, the language is definitely NSFW.

And one more just for good measure. All I gotta say is “hot, steamy food in your face right now.”

My First Ever Link Dump

Welcome to my first ever link dump. For those who don’t know what a link dump is, the concept is pretty simple. Basically I just put a bunch of random links together and call it a day. They aren’t really related in any way, save for the fact that I think they are interesting. So, without any further ado, here goes:

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Grunge may be dead, but Seattle’s music scene is alive and kicking. Here are 64 free mp3s to prove it [Music]

Crisis! What Crisis? Alex Rodriguez uses a $100 bill as a kleenex [Sports]

What is the bail out money really being spent on? The Onion has the the answer [Satire]

The Korean Won is tanking…hard [Korea]