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Scenes From Sasquatch 2011

The Sasquatch Music Festival: Four days of music, mischief, and very little bathing. The weather was decent  so I busted out my Nikon F camera and shot a few rolls of film over the course of the weekend. I figured since there were tons of press photogs with high-powered lenses already taking pictures of the bands, that I’d look around for other sights and scenes. Mostly I ended up taking pictures of people, which, in my honest opinion,  are always the best part of any music festival (see above). Below are a few of my favorites. Click to embiggen:

Well, that’s it for now. See you at Sasquatch 2012. You bring the tent, I’ll bring the camera.


Faces of Sakura-Con

Went to my first-ever anime convention to take in the scene and snap some pictures. Not gonna lie, pretty awesome. Cool people with cool costumes everywhere. Here are some of the pics (click to embiggen)

The Man.

Gundam Dreams

Sponge Bob Square Bag

Booth dude

Sitting Sailor

Long Distance Assassin




game face

red eye contact

makeup the breakdown.


double vision

zombie mask.

game time.

Pike Place Pics

Two pictures from my last visit to Pike Place Market.

Hoop Dreams

Light On His Feet.


iPhonography Showcase

Check out this video I made of featuring photos from my Everyday Picture iPhone photography experiment. I may not have made it long posting a picture every day, as was my original intent, but I did get a few good ones, which I’ve compiled here and set to music. Hope you like it. Also, if you want prints let me know.

Falling Fast

Here are a few more pics from a few weeks ago, back when the leaves were orange and the light was warm. My how times have changed. Now it’s cold and rainy here in Seattle, and all the leaves are off their branches and on matted down on the pavement. So long, Autumn. It was fun while it lasted.

Soaking it in.

Birdie in the leaves.

Green House Effect.

Not quite ready.

Pole Gallery.

Nikon-F Strikes Again

Here are a few photos from my most recent outing with my Nikon-F camera, some 200 speed film, and a 28mm lens. I converted these to black and white in Lightroom.

Billboard Advice.

Follow the Leader.


Armed and Ready.

Paved Arteries

I spent the night experimenting with long exposures from various overpasses in Seattle. The resulting streaks of light really illustrate that if a city is a living, breathing thing, then the highways are most assuredly its arteries.