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I love everything about this video.

HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON – Decisive Moment, The from bt465 on Vimeo.

Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of my personal heroes,  so when I discovered this 18-minute video of him talking about his photographic philosophies, I was hooked. There should be more videos like this. Or maybe there shouldn’t, because I would literally never stop watching them.

via PetaPixel


Don’t Hate The Player. Hate The Game.

Shot outside Sakura-Con. Day One. More to come.

Terrible Joke Alert

My roommate inspired me to make this. Blame him.

New Pic: Church Signs

Spotted this in a church in Seattle’s International District.

Not Sure

Made this in honor of my favorite SNL cast member, Bill Hader.

Related: Check out Hader’s amazing Alan Alda impression.

Too Much Freetime =

I had a little to much extra time on my hands so I started messing around on Photoshop. This is the result.

New Vid! “Resettlement Stories”

Hot off the presses (or at least Final Cut)! Check out this video I made for the good people at the Refugee Resettlement Office. This is the first of a series of videos that will highlight and promote the people and the services that make the RRO such a wonderful resource to immigrants, asylees, and refugees who are relocating to the Seattle area. The first video features Wafa, an Egyptian refugee who received a micro-loan from RRO that helped him open his restaurant.  Stay tuned, as we are scheduled to start shooting future installments for this project shortly.