Pike Place Pics

Two pictures from my last visit to Pike Place Market.

Hoop Dreams

Light On His Feet.



Food For Thought

Sometimes you are what you eat, other times you eat what you are.

spotted at QFC in Wallingford

“Power of 10” Contest Entry


Check out our entry into Core77’s “Powers of Ten” video contest. Our story examines how the meaning of words increases with the progression of a relationship while also imagining the backstory of the couple featured in the original Charles’ Eames’ original 1977 video (we incorporated some footage from this one as well.) Watch. Comment. Vote. Forward. Thanks!

iPhonography Showcase

Check out this video I made of featuring photos from my Everyday Picture iPhone photography experiment. I may not have made it long posting a picture every day, as was my original intent, but I did get a few good ones, which I’ve compiled here and set to music. Hope you like it. Also, if you want prints let me know.

Terrible Joke Alert

My roommate inspired me to make this. Blame him.

New Pic: Church Signs

Spotted this in a church in Seattle’s International District.

Not Sure

Made this in honor of my favorite SNL cast member, Bill Hader.

Related: Check out Hader’s amazing Alan Alda impression.