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A perfect example of dividing by zero

Spotted at a Bartell’s Drugstore in downtown Seattle.


Comics Without Context

If Garfield Minus Garfield has taught us anything, it’s that comics are funny, but comics without any context are funnier. Sometimes, if you look hard enough you’ll find that the best part of a comic strip isn’t always in the punchline, but rather in the mundane buildup. With that in mind, I’ve been on the lookout for single-panel gems hidden within full-length 4-frame comics. Here’s my first find:

Magical Lunch

Spotted this outside of Pizza Brava in the U-Distict. I actually think this sign was intended for the gyro restuarant across the street: Aladdin’s.


Craigslist Comedy

Everyday as part of my morning routine, I sift through the Jobs section on Craigslist, hoping to find that perfect gig that will lift me out of the doldrums of unemployment. Most of the time this is an exercise in futility, but the unexpected humor found in some of the posts can be pretty rewarding. This one really made my day (click on it to make it bigger):

Picture 1

No matter what people may say about you, Craigslist, don’t ever change. I like you just the way you are.

Related Listening: “Spidersong” – Say Anything

Random Thing of The Day: The Philosiraptor

Dance Dance Evolution

It’s amazing how funny nature can be when it’s set to the right music.  Here are few that have helped me through some dark times (read: Wednesdays).

Go Shorty.

Get Low.

Smooth Seal

Michael Jackson is pretty popular with the animal kingdom. They must not read the news.

Not technically real animals, but still awesome

Why Can’t Campaiging Be Like This All The Time?

“If I had to name my greatest strength, I guess I would say it’s my humility. Greatest weakness? It’s possible that I’m a little too awesome.” – Barack Obama

Forget the debates, forget all the campaign stump speeches, this is all you need to see. If you didn’t it know already, this clip only solidifies the fact that Obama is one cool cucumber. Here the presidential candidate is speaking at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner, and showing that can do more than just inspire people with his words, he can also make people bust a gut, which in these gloomy times is really a neccessity. It must have been pretty cathartic for Obama to get some of those jabs in, especially the ones directed towards an oddly pale-looking John McCain. Sure some of the jokes are a bit heavy handed, but the ones that do connect really hit it out of the park. He pokes fun at everyone from AIG, Fox News, Rudy Guilliani, the Treasury Department, and of course, himself. Clearly Obama is witty guy, but my only question is why didn’t he bust out any of these zingers during the debates? That would have made things so much more interesting.