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Scenes From Sasquatch 2011

The Sasquatch Music Festival: Four days of music, mischief, and very little bathing. The weather was decent  so I busted out my Nikon F camera and shot a few rolls of film over the course of the weekend. I figured since there were tons of press photogs with high-powered lenses already taking pictures of the bands, that I’d look around for other sights and scenes. Mostly I ended up taking pictures of people, which, in my honest opinion,  are always the best part of any music festival (see above). Below are a few of my favorites. Click to embiggen:

Well, that’s it for now. See you at Sasquatch 2012. You bring the tent, I’ll bring the camera.


Faces of Sakura-Con

Went to my first-ever anime convention to take in the scene and snap some pictures. Not gonna lie, pretty awesome. Cool people with cool costumes everywhere. Here are some of the pics (click to embiggen)

The Man.

Gundam Dreams

Sponge Bob Square Bag

Booth dude

Sitting Sailor

Long Distance Assassin




game face

red eye contact

makeup the breakdown.


double vision

zombie mask.

game time.

New Project: Everyday Picture

Hi all. Just wanted to let the readers of this site (yes, all 6 of you) know about a new endeavor of mine. It’s called Everyday Picture. The goal? To take one picture every day, for 365 days. I’ve got about two weeks in the can and I’m really enjoying the challenge. The practice has forced me to look for pictures, patterns, and light in places I would normally pass over. I guess in that regard this project is less about photography and more about the art of “seeing.” So far all the shots have been taken and edited with my iPhone 3Gs, though I might branch out to other cameras in the future. I’m hosting the site on Tumblr because I find it’s much easier to upload and manage the site from my phone, not to mention the layouts look way cooler. So, feel free to check it out, add me as a friend, and let the good times (and the camera) roll. Also, if you like a picture or have any suggestions for shots, please let me know. Here’s today’s pic:

Guitar Light

Everyday Picture.

Photo of The Day: Rainbow Connection


Photo of the Day: Run Ruby Run

7.14.10. Shoreline, WA

Above is a shot of my dog Ruby doing what she does best: chasing after tennis balls like they’re going out of style. To be more precise, this is actually it’s four shots in one. I took this using a new program called Fotomecha, a powerful “multi-lens simulator” which can produce a variety of interesting photo sequences. Basically, the app allows the user take a series of shots at even time intervals and then assembles the photos vertically or horizontally, depending on orientation of the camera. Fotomecha can also make GIFs and other photo-collages, not to mention shoot in a variety of different color settings. Definitely a bargain at $0.99.


Photographic Hardware

A few days ago I had my first PA gig on a commercial shoot. Hooray for grunt work!! The UW Alumni Association commissioned the spot to promote the upcoming football season, and the production took place at Pacific Supply Hardware in Capitol Hill. In between running errands and wrapping electrical cables, I managed to spot some nice light filtering in through the store’s large back windows. I took advantage of a break on set to snap some shots of a few household products as they basked in the warm evening glow of Seattle’s summer sun. After taking the shots on my iPhone, I filtered them through Perfectly Clear, a fantastic photo-fixing app which quickly adjusts exposure and picture sharpness. Next, I ran the pictures through Camera Bag’s “Color Cross” filter to get a nice saturated finished product. In the the end, I think I managed to capture a pretty good blend between the store’s hardware and my phone’s software. After my little photo shoot, it was back to sweeping floors and making food runs. All in a days work, I guess.

DIY Light Box

Wow, it’s been a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg time since my last post. No real reason, just a bit lazy on the blog front I guess. Anyway, now that the sun is shining again and my cameras are fully charged, I hope to start posting more frequently. To get back in the swing of things I made myself a DIY light box out of some foam core strips and a few sheets of tissue paper. Total cost: $4. It’s super easy to make (I’ll post pictures soon) and the results are pretty impressive. I did some color correction and added some vignetting in Adobe Light Room. This project is really good for macro photography or if you need to take product shots. Here are a few snaps, more on the way.